Who said writing theological limericks can’t be lucrative?

January 4, 2013 in Misc,Theology · 0 comments

Apocryphal Tony Jones cardMy thanks to Tony Jones for running his Theologian Trading Card Contest. It turns out that I was a lucky winner thanks to this limerick about Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza:

To Schüssler Fiorenza women are indebted.
Before her they were largely uncredited.
She thoughtfully shared
And with boldness declared
A feminist theology intrepid!

Somewhat oddly, my limerick about Schüssler Fiorenza didn’t garner me a card signed by her, but instead I won a signed Kevin J. Vanhoozer card — though I have no real complaints about what was a great contest with great prizes! (Although there was one snide comment from an unnamed significant other who said the quality of my limericks offended her sensibilities as an English Literature major and as a human being. To that sentiment I demur, though I’ll readily agree that it would be unwise to quit my day job in order to pursue a career of theological limerick writing.)

And, even if you missed this contest, you can still purchase your own set of Theologian Trading Cards.

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