Why do we value art?

September 10, 2013

Is the painting on the left virtually worthless? Is the painting on the right worth tens of millions of dollars? What value do we place on the paintings themselves, and what value do we place on the captions below them — and why? For background, see A van Gogh’s Trip From the Attic to the […]

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Why Is Life Worth Living? (according to Woody Allen)

October 20, 2012

In his 1978 movie Manhattan, Woody Allen’s character offers these thoughts on life: Why is life worth living? That’s a very good question. Well, there are certain things I guess that make it worthwhile. Like what? Okay, for me, I would say, Groucho Marx, to name one thing and Willie Mays, and the second movement […]

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Ode On An Objectively Beautiful Grecian Urn

October 17, 2012

One of the standard arguments for the existence of God is the Moral Argument. It can be formulated like this: If God does not exist, objective moral values do not exist. Objective moral values do exist. Therefore, God exists. There’s a similar argument for God that can be made in terms of objective beauty, or […]

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