Questions in light of the Zimmerman verdict

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Trayvon Martin

Some thoughts and questions in light of the George Zimmerman verdict:

The American judicial system is our judicial system. If we want it to change, it’s up to us to change it. Are we willing to do so?

Despite the apparent miscarriage of justice in this case, do we really want to conduct trials in the court of public opinion? Should trials be turned into a reality TV show where we collectively vote for people’s guilt and innocence?

If it’s readily apparent to virtually everyone that Zimmerman was guilty, then why was he acquitted? What would a judicial system look like that ensured such mistakes didn’t happen?

Should a single tragic incident overshadow injustices that occur every day throughout our country and world?

Is the media’s fascination with this story truly merited, or are they merely seeking to fan the flames of racial strife?

Why does anyone ever need to carry a concealed weapon? Why should anyone ever have the ability to immediately take the life of another person?

How do we take the lessons learned here and actually apply them to our lives? How does this affect our relationships, our voting, our giving and our activism? Do we just complain on Facebook and Twitter, or do we actually do something to begin to try and better the world around us?

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