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I recently caused a bit of a dustup with my Patheos post about Ken Ham: “Cre­ation­ist Ken Ham ver­sus the Truth.”

Mr. Ham was kind enough to respond on his Face­book page and The Chris­t­ian Post wrote up the story in “Ken Ham Calls Pro­gres­sive Chris­tians ‘More Dan­ger­ous’ Than Athe­ists After Crit­i­cism He’s Dri­ving Believ­ers Away.”

Tyler Francke over at God of Evo­lu­tion pro­vides a nice overview of this entire mess as well as some good thoughts about the debate in gen­eral in his piece “The fun con­tin­ues in the run-up to the Bill Nye-Ken Ham ‘debate’.”

Since the whole evolution/creation debate is now at the fore­front of my online life, I thought I’d repost a list I pro­vided about a year ago in my post “Follow-Up: Can you be a Chris­t­ian and still believe … ?” In that post I pro­vided a few resources for learn­ing more about the rela­tion­ship between evo­lu­tion, Chris­tian­ity and the Bible:

It’s also impor­tant to prop­erly under­stand what evo­lu­tion is and what it isn’t. To that end a great start­ing point is, coin­ci­den­tally, “What Evo­lu­tion Is” by Ernst Mayr.

Finally, for a his­tor­i­cal exam­i­na­tion of the intel­lec­tual ori­gins and devel­op­ment of anti-evolutionism in Amer­ica, I sug­gest Ronald Num­bers’ book “The Cre­ation­ists: From Sci­en­tific Cre­ation­ism to Intel­li­gent Design.”

I don’t expect these resources to change a hard­core Young Earth Creationist’s mind, but if you’re open to intel­lec­tual engage­ment with sci­ence and the Bible, I think they offer a valu­able start­ing point for bet­ter under­stand­ing God’s creation.

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