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I recently caused a bit of a dustup with my Patheos post about Ken Ham: “Cre­ation­ist Ken Ham ver­sus the Truth.”

Mr. Ham was kind enough to respond on his Face­book page and The Chris­t­ian Post wrote up the story in “Ken Ham Calls Pro­gres­sive Chris­tians ‘More Dan­ger­ous’ Than Athe­ists After Crit­i­cism He’s Dri­ving Believ­ers Away.”

Tyler Francke over at God of Evo­lu­tion pro­vides a nice overview of this entire mess as well as some good thoughts about the debate in gen­eral in his piece “The fun con­tin­ues in the run-up to the Bill Nye-Ken Ham ‘debate’.”

Since the whole evolution/creation debate is now at the fore­front of my online life, I thought I’d repost a list I pro­vided about a year ago in my post “Follow-Up: Can you be a Chris­t­ian and still believe … ?” In that post I pro­vided a few resources for learn­ing more about the rela­tion­ship between evo­lu­tion, Chris­tian­ity and the Bible:

It’s also impor­tant to prop­erly under­stand what evo­lu­tion is and what it isn’t. To that end a great start­ing point is, coin­ci­den­tally, “What Evo­lu­tion Is” by Ernst Mayr.

Finally, for a his­tor­i­cal exam­i­na­tion of the intel­lec­tual ori­gins and devel­op­ment of anti-evolutionism in Amer­ica, I sug­gest Ronald Num­bers’ book “The Cre­ation­ists: From Sci­en­tific Cre­ation­ism to Intel­li­gent Design.”

I don’t expect these resources to change a hard­core Young Earth Creationist’s mind, but if you’re open to intel­lec­tual engage­ment with sci­ence and the Bible, I think they offer a valu­able start­ing point for bet­ter under­stand­ing God’s creation.

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Tyler Francke January 12, 2014 at 7:39 am

Hey Dan! Thanks for posting the link to GOE. Also appreciated the link to Hammy’s original Facebook post. My favorite part was how, in the original post, K-Ham says, “Wycliffe was burned at the stake because of his stand on the Word of God.” In reality (a land Ham rarely visits), Wycliffe died of a stroke in his mid-60s.

Now, to his credit, K-Ham corrected himself with a comment below that says, “Just a clarification: Wycliffe died of natural causes, and later the Catholic Church dug up his bones, burned them, and tossed his ashes into the river Swift” (an accurate.statement).

I have noticed, in my reporter days, that the media outlets that call their corrections “clarifications” are the ones that are too arrogant and stubborn to admit that they are wrong, but I’m sure that’s not what’s going on in this case. :) Peace, brother.


Dan January 12, 2014 at 2:03 pm

Thanks Tyler. I was going to be all over the Wycliffe myth if he hadn’t “clarified” it. But that sure takes the wind out of the sails of his point: Stand up for you beliefs and be willing to die for them, just like Wycliffe! Oh wait … err … be willing to be exhumed and burned for your beliefs!


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