“It was the music that drew me”

August 7, 2013 in Music · 0 comments

Derrick Hodge

There are plenty of horror stories about Christians trying to proselytize others, but here’s a brief story about how God can accomplish things without our help. As a young child, jazz musician Derrick Hodge was out running errands with his mother:

Someone pulled up in the car next to me and he had all these drums in the back — like, drums and keyboard and all this stuff — and he got in the car and he drove off. So I said, “Mom, can we follow that car? I saw instruments in the car.” For whatever reason that day, she said, “Okay.” We pulled up to the church and she stayed in the parking lot. She said, “All right, go in there for ten minutes.”

I didn’t come out, and she came in looking for me. She ended up staying there herself and then, by the time service was over, my mom had broke down crying. We ended up joining the church right then and there and it was the music that drew me.

You can read/listen to the full interview with Hodge, as well as listen to his new album on NPR Music.

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