I See An Elephant

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Here’s a picture of the world:


It’s a confusing, complicated place that we each try to make sense of as best we can. In trying to understand this messy world, each of us brings a different set of experiences and assumptions to the table. We all see the world through these filters:


And when we view the world through slightly different filters we can end up with drastically different understandings of reality:

Filtered images

When discussing our differing viewpoints we often get hung up on the final image, arguing stubbornly that our view of the world is the only correct one: that the only “truth” is an elephant and that there’s simply no possibility that a tree or a boat or a bicycle might also be “true.”

But if, instead of focusing on the differences between the final images, we try to understand why we have differing viewpoints and accept the validity of those other perspectives, we might ultimately end up with a better appreciation for the richness and the beauty of the world — and for each other.

Animated filters

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