Her Hustle

January 27, 2014 in Movies · 1 comment

Her Hustle

I unintentionally took in an Amy Adams double-feature this weekend: Her followed by American Hustle. The former gets a solid thumbs down, the latter, an equally solid thumbs up.

Her was a formulaic rom-com that was neither rom nor com, purporting to offer profound insights into the nature of relationships and technology, but instead merely revealing that in the future we will be even more obsessed with mid-century modern décor, men’s high-waisted pants will be de rigueur, computers will return to a 2006 iMac form-factor and monaural earbuds will magically project in stereo.

On the other hand, American Hustle was a delightful romp through the 70s ABSCAM operation, a softer version of Goodfellas that, while not the most profound cinematic achievement in recent memory, nevertheless masterfully balanced humor and drama, and offered up a delicious slice of 70s era décor, fashion and music, including some late-period Ellington that had me digging through my over-neglected vinyl.

I haven’t watched all of this year’s Oscar picks (nor do I intend to), but Hustle deserves at least some recognition, if not as Best Picture, then for Christian Bale’s not-quite-over-the-top portrayal of sleazy con-man Irving Rosenfeld.

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