Free Ebook: “Russian Wonder Tales”

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In 1912 Post Wheeler, an American diplomat stationed in St. Petersberg, collected and translated twelve Russian folktales along with their accompanying illustrations by Ivan Bilibin.

Wheeler’s “Russian Wonder Tales” is already freely available in a variety of formats at the Internet Archive, but the ereader versions there are so poorly formatted that they are virtually unreadable. To remedy that situation, I edited and reformatted the public domain text into something that’s hopefully far more usable.

So, for your digital reading pleasure this new year, I present “Russian Wonder Tales, with a Foreword on the Russian Skazki” by Post Wheeler, with illustrations by Ivan Bilibin:

If you’d like this book in any other format, or if you happen to notice any shortcomings or errors in the files I’ve made, please let me know in the comments below.


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