My review of N.T. Wright’s “Simply Good News”

January 6, 2015

N.T. Wright’s new book, released today, Simply Good News: Why the Gospel Is News and What Makes It Good (HarperOne, $24.99) sets out to reorient and refocus the Christian faith by examining its central tenet: the gospel. Continue reading on Patheos …  

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“Copia,” poems by Erika Meitner

October 1, 2014

In her new collection of poetry, Copia, Erika Meitner writes about urban and suburban life, consumption and excess, desire and disappointment, and perhaps mostly about loss and hope. Read more …

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Review: Prostitutes, Virgins and Mothers

September 4, 2014

In Prostitutes, Virgins and Mothers: Questioning Teachings About Biblical Women, Dr. Paula Trimble-Familetti sets out to do nothing less than overturn six thousand years of patriarchy, misogyny, and marginalization of women within Judaism and Christianity. Read more …

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Review: Reoriented by Tyler J. Francke

May 12, 2014

Tyler Francke’s new novel “Reoriented” tackles the most divisive issue facing modern Christianity: homosexuality. Through the fictional story of a gay student at a Christian college, Francke offers an engaging and thought-provoking exploration of “faith, scripture and sexual identity.”

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The best Christian book of the year

March 10, 2014

Several years ago, I attended a church discussion group on the topic of women in ministry. The pastor leading the group spent the first forty-five minutes forcefully laying out the “biblical” case for why women aren’t allowed to be pastors. After his diatribe, I asked him, “if women can’t be pastors, does that mean God […]

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Book Giveaway: Andy Stanley’s “How To Be Rich”

March 5, 2014

‏A few months ago, Andy Stanley tweeted about his new book “How To Be Rich,” and I replied with a snarky response: @AndyStanley Jan 13 Just found out some of you haven’t purchased your copy yet. Join the movement. BeRich ‏@CoolingTwilight Jan 13 @AndyStanley I understand how me buying your book makes YOU rich. […]

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Free Ebook: “Russian Wonder Tales”

January 3, 2014

In 1912 Post Wheeler, an American diplomat stationed in St. Petersberg, collected and translated twelve Russian folktales along with their accompanying illustrations by Ivan Bilibin.

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Recent posts elsewhere

December 5, 2013

Over on Patheos, I reviewed John Andrew Morrow’s “The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World.” It’s an interesting book about the textual basis for a peaceful and inclusive form of Islam. My review generated a lengthy discussion in the comments section with someone who’s passionate in his anti-Islamic beliefs. This […]

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Free Book: The Swedish Atheist, the Scuba Diver and Other Apologetic Rabbit Trails

October 30, 2013

I don’t generally recommend books I haven’t read, but in this case I’m happy to make an exception. Randal Rauser’s writing is always thought-provoking, relevant and worthwhile — and given today’s special, it’s now eminently affordable! Today only (Wednesday, October 30), the e-version of Rauser’s book The Swedish Atheist, the Scuba Diver and Other Apologetic […]

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Review: What on Earth Do We Know about Heaven? by Randal Rauser

October 4, 2013

If you pick up Randal Rauser’s book “What on Earth Do We Know about Heaven?” expecting a scintillating first-hand account of Rauser’s near-death experience and his subsequent journey into the afterlife you’ll be greatly disappointed. Instead of serving up an epic tale of post-mortem exploits, Rauser, a prolific blogger and self-described “progressive evangelical,” offers thoughtful […]

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