Can you be a Christian and still believe … ?

December 28, 2012 in Theology · 45 comments

Chi RhoGuess what? You can still be a Chris­t­ian even if you believe that:

  1. Evo­lu­tion is true.
  2. The Bible isn’t inerrant.
  3. Women have the same rights as men.
  4. Homo­sex­u­al­ity isn’t a sin.
  5. Own­ing a gun isn’t a God-given right.
  6. Amer­ica isn’t God’s cho­sen country.
  7. Repub­li­cans aren’t God’s cho­sen polit­i­cal party.
  8. The mod­ern state of Israel isn’t God’s cho­sen people.
  9. Deci­sions about abor­tion should be left up to indi­vid­ual women.
  10. Non-Christians won’t burn for eter­nity in hell.

And you just might be a bit closer to the King­dom of God if you do believe some of those things.

Update #1:
For those of you on Face­book, I’ve cre­ated a nice lit­tle meme of this post.

Update #2:
I’ve pro­vided a list of resources regard­ing these beliefs in my follow-up post, coin­ci­den­tally titled: Follow-Up: Can you be a Chris­t­ian and still believe … ?

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